Success story: A place where affordable housing and nutrition meet

Northwest Housing Alternatives is working to include a community kitchen in new rural housing development

The rural community of Ontario, Oregon sits on the Idaho border about an hour from Boise. If you’ve visited there, you’ve probably been met by the delicious smell of french fries. That’s because the town is home to Ore-Ida, best known for its tater tots, french fries and other potato-based products. Beyond the potatoes,

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The epidemic within the pandemic: underlying health conditions

Developmental origins unravel the root causes

While COVID-19 has reached pandemic proportions, it is not the only pandemic we are facing. 

In the U.S., the severity of COVID-19 is associated with preexisting, chronic conditions. In addition to age, the CDC lists cancer, kidney disease, lung disease, weakened immune system, obesity, serious heart conditions and type 2 diabetes among the most common underlying conditions that portend a severe infection.

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New dietary guidelines include pregnancy, breastfeeding and early childhood recommendations for first time

Guidelines recognize the role of nutrition during pregnancy in influencing lifelong health outcomes for mother and baby

For the first time ever, the newly released 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans focus on a lifespan approach to nutrition, with specific sections dedicated to nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and infancy and early childhood.  

The OHSU Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness provided testimony on the science of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) to the scientific committee compiling the recommendations for the updated guidelines.

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Veggie Rx: using food as medicine

It’s not just about more food; it’s about the right kind of food

Veggie Rx is just what it sounds like: a doctor-ordered vegetable and fruit prescription. Why would a doctor prescribe fresh produce? Because fresh food can be used like medicine to manage and prevent diseases caused by eating an unhealthy diet. Diseases like heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

The reality is that even though our nation produces an ample supply of high-quality produce and whole foods,

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Combatting a crisis: COVID-19, mutual aid networks, and ensuring healthy futures

During an unprecedented year, communities pull together to help their neighbors.

Since its emergence, COVID-19 has altered life in ways few could have imagined. We miss spending time with our loved ones, attending social gatherings, and not having to wait in line to enter the grocery store. However, for some, the pandemic has held far greater consequences.

The loss of jobs, in-person schooling, and renewed stay-at-home orders have stretched families already struggling even thinner.

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Success story: sustainable farm supports budding Latino farmers

Farm is run on "horsepower"

Arriving at Stoneboat Farm, Matsu one of the large, white farm dogs immediately trundles over and pushes his head under your hand for a few ear scratches. He wanders freely around this farm in the rolling hills just west of Portland doing his part to keep animals, like hungry deer, away from the rows of veggies.

The Moore Institute likes to highlight groups around the state that are working to improve the food culture and ultimately reduce the prevalence of chronic disease.

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