“We all have a role to play in a food revolution that has the power to reduce or wipe out chronic disease in future generations.”

Kent Thornburg, Ph.D.

Better the Future anthem

When will we decide to conquer chronic disease? The moment that we realize the future’s not only in our genes; it’s also in our hands.

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The 2015 Dietary Guidelines: Can’t we all just get along?

The health of the next generation depends on it

The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans were recently released. They have been the source of much public debate since the original report on which the guidelines are based was released almost a year ago. The final report has ignited a flurry of opinions and commentary from health professionals, media outlets, special interest groups and others.

So what’s all the fuss about? Every five years the federal government updates the guidelines to reflect the latest research on what Americans should eat as part of a nutritionally sound diet to promote health and prevent chronic disease.

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A New Year’s resolution that could help end heart disease

Nutrition now means a healthier you and a healthier community

January is a time to think about positive changes, and often our resolutions have to do with health and healthy eating. As you work toward meeting your resolutions this year, take heart and get some added motivation by knowing that your food choices today may eradicate chronic diseases by the end of the century. Incredible, right? But true.

A growing body of research has given us new insight into the origins of chronic disease and indicates that susceptibility to diseases like obesity,

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Nine ways to strengthen the connection between schools and nutrition

It’s that time of year. Kids across the country have headed back to school. They spend the greater part of their day at school and what they learn there can have a huge impact on how they think and feel about food. Creating a healthy environment at school can influence a child’s health, learning and long-term eating habits. Shouldn’t our schools be sending the right message about the importance of nutrition to our kids’ health?

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How birth weight predicts our risk for adult chronic disease

How we grow before we're born and in the first years of life matters

Did you know that your birth weight can predict whether you will develop heart disease, diabetes or certain other chronic diseases later in life? Wacky, but true.

Thanks to research into the Developmental Origins of Health & Disease (DOHaD) over the past 20 years, we know that babies born at the lower end of the normal birth weight range experience greater rates of chronic disease throughout life.

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My experience “westernizing” my traditional Chinese diet

As western diets spread, so too do associated chronic health problems

I love Chinese food! Not just because I am Chinese, but I love the cuisine because of its flavor and variety. Growing up in Hong Kong in a traditional Chinese family and then moving to the U.S. as a young adult, has allowed me to see the effects of each food culture on the health of its population. The differences between my traditional Chinese diet and the western diet are stark.

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Food as medicine

How a healthy diet now can end chronic disease in future generations

You may already know that the food a woman eats while pregnant and breastfeeding has a direct effect on her developing baby, but you may not know that what a woman eats prior to conceiving is just as important.

Good nutrition before becoming pregnant creates a healthy body that will be ready to nourish a developing baby. While a woman provides the environment that supports and nurtures her developing child,

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